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Asim Jofa 2016 Eid Collection For Girls and Women

Asim Jofa 2016 Eid Collection For Girls and Women available in Markets of Pakistan. You can get the complete details of Asim Jofa 2016 Eid Collection dresses latest designed frocks, Shalwar Kameez and Pujama Kurta.

Latest Eid Collection 2016 has been launched by all the famous designers of Pakistan. All the designers have put their special efforts to make the beautiful dresses on the grand event of Eid. Eid is always an event of maximum celebration. Asim Jofa 2016 Eid Collection is the trending product in the market where ladies and women have appeared in markets to buy this special collection.

Pakistani people seem very much concerned in planning their Eid dress. Eid dress must always a beautiful and elegant one. On the id coming this year in September Designers have put third special and dedicated efforts in making of Eid Collection range. It is good news for them who are interested in Eid dress. While looking into Asim Jofa’s wardrobe, it is amazing to look at the beauty of th dresses.

For womn dress, Asim Jofa has chosen chartreuse as a special fabric that has a charismatic impact on the elegance of these dresses. Asim Jofa is the rising fashion designer of Pakistan, h always prefers beautiful and appealing colors in his dresses. The special Eid event includes special lunch and dinner with your friends and family. Asim Jofa’s wardrobe beautiful dresses attract us towards themselves.

Asim Jofa sts the prices of his dresses that everybody can get them. The price range of his dresses is 2500/- to 7000/- only. Asim Jofa’s wardrobe gives you confidence to face the large sum of people’s crowd.

Now comes the Eid dresses by Shaista. Pakistani designer Shaista has designed her wardrobe of latest Eid Dress 2016. Her wardrobe is a new addition in the works of fashion. Shaista’s collection focuses on cloth and embroidery. If we take into the account the soft fabric must be used for dressing. Embroidery must be light.

About the style so it has become a trend in dressing to wear Capri and trousers in clothing.
Shaista’s prints are very soothing in colors and very classy to wear. Dresses are short in length so that women can get them stitched according to their choices. She has applied some motifs and best works ofembroidery on her dresses. Since Eid event is near so rush in now in your nearest stores. Wear in style to enjoy your Eid.

Asim Jofa Eid Collection 2016 For Girls and Women

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